Lessons from an iBeacon implementation

Envisage is always looking for new ways to connect with and engage customers…always on the lookout for the next big thing.

Beacons! Remarkable new technology that, when combined with a native app, allows us to send a notification to a user’s phone the instant they walk into range of our beacon hot spot.

In May 2014, Envisage was a founding sponsor of the inaugural “BeaconCrawl 2014.” Over 250 people downloaded the BeaconCrawl app onto their phones and then went on an adventure through downtown NYC. When attendees got to the starting point they were given directions on their phones to get to the first bar. When they arrived they received a welcome message. When they went to the bar they were challenged to post a selfie with the Bartender on Facebook. And after about 45 minutes everyone was pinged with instructions to get to the next venue. And throughout we kept track of the points they earned for successfully arriving at each location and posting comments and photos on social media.

By the end of the night we had moved 250 people on a BeaconCrawl through five different New York hot spots. We had seen hundreds of photos posted to Facebook. We had awarded a grand prize for participation. And we had proved that we could develop an exciting, engaging experience driven by Beacons.

This new Beacon technology has obvious application to retail, events and tradeshows. It can work for you, too. Be among the first to explore the power of new marketing with Beacons.