Custom Developed app for Dealertrack

The Envisage team of mobile application experts

The Envisage team of mobile application experts helped client DealerTrack create a mobile enablement roadmap and execute mobile applications from idea through release.

As mobile has taken hold in the retail environment, the expectations of car buyers have also changed. DealerTrack, as the premier provider of auto dealership software, needs to provide an enhanced purchasing experience for customers in the showroom. The solution is DealerTrack eMenu for iPad®.

Designed and developed in conjunction with Envisage, eMenu enabled customers to review purchase and after-market options that are most applicable to their new vehicle. This enables the dealership to compress the lease or purchase process as the customer’s interests and preferences are already known before moving onto the next stage of the sales process.

Once a customer has worked with the sales representative to finalize the actual model, color, and manufacturer options a tablet pre-loaded with eMenu for iPad® is provided to the vehicle purchaser. The customer is able to use drag-and-drop technology to build up offerings of interest and see changes in real-time through multimedia content with add-on features to personalize their new vehicle. This has resulted in an increase in sales of automotive financial products and services, particularly with high-line dealers such as Mercedes-Benz.

Envisage has been credited with taking a lead role in the development of eMenu and has become the go-to partner for DealerTrack for all things mobile. Work on other exciting mobile initiatives is under way.