Up your Game with Interactive Pop Up Retail

Pop Up retail is an increasingly popular way to engage with customers and create a more interactive experience with the brand. Bringing the product to the customer, instead of waiting for the customer to come to a retail location, creates an easier purchasing journey and increases messaging opportunities. To enhance Monster’s pop up kiosks placed at Hard Rock Cafes, our Envisage team of experts developed a mobile interface for customers to interact with, while providing real-time product sampling and data capture.

We designed our Engage360 solution to fit in with the Monster displays, providing a number of avenues for an enhanced customer journey and increased sales:

Product Demos

Customers learn about and experience the products, and even purchase directly from within the interactive display.

Curated Content

A game changer for activating customers, facial recognition technology gathers impression data in real-time to custom tailor offers and messaging. This demographic data increases the effectiveness, appeal and conversion rates for subsequent messaging, and provides valuable customer insight.

The Pure Sound Challenge

An interactive interface to get customers to try on the headphones and experience the difference of high-fidelity sound.

Customer Insight

Get valuable feedback from customers through surveys, interactions, and questionnaires, while retaining demographic information about the respondents for more intuitive data analysis.

Monster Mirror Photo Filter

Customers release their inner monster! A selfie feature overlaid with Monster filters lets customers take a photo which gets delivered to them via email. This creates an incentive for customers to provide their email address and engage with email messaging, while photo sharing opportunities turn those customers into brand ambassadors.


Contesting with instant offers or future prizes incentivizes customer engagement and improves opt-in messaging rates.

Early numbers from the Monster Pop Up sites show an astounding 44.75% opt-in conversion rate, from 1250 participants and climbing. Engage360 pairs a mobile interface with on-location displays to create an experience that customers will love to engage with. Ask us how Engage360 can enhance your retail experience!