Here are a few tips on how to make social media a successful part of your event marketing strategy.

Create a #Hashtag: 

Did you know? Posts with hashtags get double the engagement than posts without them and are 55% more likely to be reposted.

Hashtags help your attendees find all event related content and is a great way to measure their excitement about your event.

Capture + Share moments with your guests using photo:

Our platform allows guest to have a branded photo experience enabling attendees to share the image to their Facebook or Twitter feeds. Attendees also have the option to receive their photo via email or text – perfect for capturing user data for post event marketing.

Pre-Schedule your posts:

When you’re running the show it can be hard to find time to send out a tweet. Create posts when it’s convenient for you and schedule them for later publication.


Gamification is another popular method used by event marketers to increase audience participation by offering incentives through giveaways, photo contests and more! This is a great way to show the excitement going on at your event.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind while planning your upcoming event!


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