Hate it or love it, in recent years wearable technology has become increasingly popular and will have a huge impact in how we communicate and interact in the years to come.

From wristbands to glasses, these items are set to be the most personal tech devices ever; designed to deliver important information without breaking user engagement.

This technology can be used to monitor heart rate, movement, location and more.

When applied to an experiential setting, wearable technology can be used to personalize an experience, enhance audience participation, and capture real time analytics – ultimately increasing ROI for marketers by making a seamless connection between a brand and its target audience.

Look out for these upcoming wearable-influenced trends in experiential marketing:

1. Brand-specific content – push articles with a niche focus.

2. Real-life interactive elements – content and material that “interacts” with the real world.

3. Geographically relevant content – Offer product sampling at relevant moments.

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