Interactive Retail with Engage360

Engage360 creates a win-win for customer and retailer by providing an interactive and immersive experience for the customer while driving sales and enhancing valuable data gathering opportunities for the retailer. Our team of experts can custom tailor what data gets captured by creating an interface that blends perfectly with the brand and provides incentives for the customer to engage with it.

When Monster created interactive pop-up kiosks to install at Hard Rock Cafes, they used our Envisage team to develop interactive Engage360 stations for contesting, product demos, selfie photo filters, and even data capture through facial recognition technology. Through this engagement we connected with thousands of customers, gathering qualified shopper data, with a nearly 50% opt-in rate for future communications.



After three consecutive years, Raise the Macallan (RTM) has become a signature industry event. Envisage has partnered with SoHo Experiential to deliver an unforgettable branded learning experience for true Single Malt Whiskey fans, creating legions of Macallan brand advocates.

For attendees the digital experience is sophisticated, yet seamlessly woven throughout the experience. From an elegant registration and check-in experience to digitally-enabled audience participation, RTM delivers a best-in-class digital experience to guests at venues across the country.



The Envisage team of mobile application experts helped client DealerTrack create a mobile enablement roadmap and execute mobile applications from idea through release.

As mobile has taken hold in the retail environment, the expectations of car buyers have also changed. DealerTrack, as the premier provider of auto dealership software, needs to provide an enhanced purchasing experience for customers in the showroom. The solution is DealerTrack eMenu for iPad®.